Good Clean Family Movies reviews and rankings

Classic clean family movies for the next generation to enjoy


     My family has watched many movies over the years but I remember well that there were times that we wished we knew of more movies we could all watch comfortably  and enjoy together.

     There's none of the Disney or Pixar "Toy Story"  type of movies listed as they are all pretty well promoted and known.   I wonder though how many families know of older great clean movies like "Legend" or "Willow" or " The Never Ending Story",  or "American Tale",  or one of my personal favorites, "Cloak and Dagger".

     If you see a movie listed below that sounds interesting and you'd like to know more about it you can just copy the title, click this link   (Internet Movie Database), and paste it into the title search box for more info.  Please see more about this movie site at the bottom of this page...

     Or print out this page and take it along to the library or video store.

     Please be aware that ratings have changed over the years.  PG and PG13 ratings allowed different things at different times.  And what is seen on a TV broadcast may be different than what is on a rental video.  None of these listed are R rated but not every movie listed is right for every age group or every child. The first 3 sets are all G or PG.

     Ranked from mildest to least mild, these are the 50 or so surest bets of the older family movies you may not have seen;


  Milo and Otis,   You're a Good Man Charlie Brown( Musical),   The Land before Time,  Spy Kids,  Pete's Dragon,  Swiss Family Robinson,   Mary Poppins,  The Secret of Nimh,   Honey, I Shrunk The Kids,  The Last Unicorn,  Flight of the Navigator,  Bedknobs and Broomsticks,  Batteries not included,   Indian In The Cupboard,  Newsies,  Annie,  The Music Man,  The Sound of Music,   An American Tale,  Short Circuit,   Black Beauty(1994),   Ewok Adventure,  The Land of Faraway,  Water Babies 


 The Neverending Story,  The Karate Kid,  Cloak and Dagger, Oliver!, Spy Kids,  Flight of Dragons,  The Wizard of Oz,  ,   Rudy,   The Adventures of Robin Hood (Errol Flynn version),   20,000 leagues under the sea (Kirk Douglas version),   Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959),  Fantastic Voyage(1966),  Old Yeller,   E.T.,   Where The Red Fern Grows,   The Quest-Frog Dreaming,   Masters of the Universe( He-Man),   Invaders from Mars,   The Black Stallion(1979),   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,   Superman, (1978)


The Last Starfighter,  Legend,   Willow,  Labyrinth,   The Princess Bride,  My Science Project,  Suburban Commando,   Explorers,  Buckaroo Banzai,  Krull,  The Dark Crystal,  Meatballs,     Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure,   Mannequin,   Close Encounters of the Third Kind,   War Games,   Dragonslayer,   Jumanji,    Harry and the Hendersons,   Little Monsters,   Jason and the Argonauts (1963),   Clash of the Titans, 

PG13 films.  These are generally great films but have an intense or suggestive scene or few words that knock it out of my PG category. They are all pretty mild by today's standards but,  Be aware. 

  Goonies,  Mr. Destiny,  Tremors,  Lady Hawk,  Groundhog Day,   Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Gremlins 2,  Big,  Real Genius,  UHF,  Scrooged,  Teen Wolf, íThree Amigos!, Jurassic Park,  Planet of the Apes(original), The Beastmaster,  The Golden Child,  The Monster Squad,  Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  Big Trouble in Little China,  Adventures in Babysitting, And of Course;  All 3 Back to the Future movies,  All 3 Indiana Jones movies. All of the first 3 Star Wars movies,

Free kids Movies!  Many of these may be available through your local library at not cost to you. Even if they are not in at your local library your library  may be able to find them anywhere in your state and get them to you for free!

    More info on this site  .  We web site producers normally hate to send a visitor to a different site but in this case it is the best thing I can do for you.  Once you have an idea about a movie you want to check out further from my listing this site is the best way to do it.  Just copy and paste the name into the Internet Movie Database search box and  you'll have access to quite a bit of info on the movie.  New to me is that they may even tell you when the movie you seek will be broadcast on a TV station in the near future. 

   In our family so many of these old movies were taped off the TV and kept in the cupboard for sick day watching or family night viewing.  Certainly you may  buy them pretty cheaply at Amazon  too.

    The IMDB website also gives one fans review of the movie that you can look at to see what may make the movie special.

   Rather than reinvent the wheel it makes sense to simply send you to their site.

   These great movies work on many levels and can be enjoyed by the young and old together.

Eventually I will break them in different categories:

kids movies 4 through 6

kids movies 6 through 9

Kids movies 9 through 14

Christian family movies

Special Holiday movies  ( did you know "Newsies" is the greatest Labor Day kids movie anywhere, and a great musical besides, comparable to Annie!)

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