Christmas party game song quiz 1

This may look almost too simple works 
In fact you'll often hear folks sing a bit of the carol just to get to the answer.

Then later the often spontaneous s
inging of the answers make this 
the perfect Christmas party warm-up game. 

1.  Where would you go to hear Silver Bells?  ________________ 

2.  Who was it that danced with the silk hat on his head? ______________

3.  Where would you find Reindeer Paws??  ______________

4.  What did the cattle do to wake the poor baby?  ______________

5.  When did I see those three ships?  ______________

6.  What size were those Kings of the Orient?? ______________

7.  What is it that helps to make the season bright.? ___________________

8.  Who wants a pair of hop-a-long boots, and a pistol that shoots?    ________

9.  Who still wants a hula a hoop?  ____________

10. Who kept time to the drum?  ______________

11. Who and what color was the animal that gave the hay to pillow his head ?  _______

12. Where do the hopes and fears of all the years meet?   _________________

13. What would keep me warm all the way home? __________________

14. What does Susie want?  ___________________

15. Why does the child want his two front teeth? __________________

16. What was the other reindeer's name?? (she used to laugh and call him names)________

17. What was the horse in Jingle bells named???  ______________

18. When will I finally go?  _______________

19. What color is Christmas without you?   __________________

20. What is the parson in the meadows name?  _______________

Extra Credit:
Where does one go a wassailing?   ___________________________
 ?  ____________

Speaking of answers:  They are all provided free,

 (as if you'd need me to tell them to you.)
You just have to click a bit through our site.  Please understand. 
You will have
the answers to  puzzles 1, 3, and 4 in just a minute.|
You should also be able to download all of our puzzles 
as a word document already formatted for you

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