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  Scroll down quickly if you'd like to get right to the answers and avoid my game playing advice.  

Although we've done this quite a bit and my advice might just make your event more fun...

     I hope you will get these in a format that makes them a bit more fun and easy for you to copy and work with. The easiest would be for you to click the link provided a bit  further down this page and download copies of all of the games and answers formatted for you in a word document.  If that for some reason does not work you can copy and paste them into your word processor and then make your own adjustments from there.

    Of course what makes any party quiz work is you and the spirit you bring to the challenge. Obviously you went to the trouble to surf around this site for the answers so there’s a very good chance you are the kind of sport that will make this a good time for all.  

    Unsolicited advice follows: You may just enjoy sharing this with company at Christmas, but if you do hold a Christmas party and hate the thought of it just being Cocktail party type talk, then the best way is for you to start it off right as soon as your guests open the door.

    Yep, your first guests should be greeted with a lusty " We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and then every succeeding guest who arrives gets greeted in song by the complete chorus of whoever got there before them. It takes guts to do it of course but it keeps things hopping and it is hard for any guests not to be in a good mood when they come in the door to such simple foolish fun.

    Now on to the puzzle answers. For Songs of Christmas quiz 1, After folks have had a bit of time to look at it encourage them to try to sing the parts with the puzzle lines in them. Although the following samples are just snippets of the songs, if folks have to start at the beginning and sing all the way through to the answers that would be best of all.

    The Christmas song, "Everybody knows, some turkey and some mistletoe. Help to make the season bright".

   Silver Bells,  "Children laughing, people passing, meeting smile after smile, And, On every street corner   you hear",

   Let it snow,  "When we finally kiss goodnight, How I hate going out in the storm but, If you really hold me tight  All the way home I'll be warm".   

   So when it comes time for the answers, don’t just hand them out, have a sing along with each song with the answers in them. You get the idea don’t you?

   My last suggestion is to take these answers and use them to make the puzzle fun for folks.  Depending on your guests and your situation you may have to go so far as to give out an answer sheet with the answers out of order for them to choose from.  You want your guests to feel clever, not frustrated.  So depending on their ages and abilities make sure they can have fun with this. If you come up  with other ways to make this happen please let me know.

   For several years my wife Sandy and I would take a Christmas shopping day to one of the larger cities here in Northeastern Wisconsin, and on the car ride we came up with these puzzles.

   Of course I’m not sure if all of your company will have heard of all of these songs or of the words of the verses included. But for all of your guests who grew up in a Lutheran Church in Valders, Wisconsin, they all should be familiar.

   Our experience had been that there are more folks that know a lot of   Christmas songs out there than you might expect, That too makes it part of the fun.

    If you have fun with these and wouldn’t mind drop me an e-mail back at and tell me how you did.  "Songs of Christmas Quiz 1 "  is probably our favorite just because it lends itself to participation of the whole group. 

   And yes: to all of the genuinely good and decent and helpful people out there who try to help by correcting me; I do know that reindeer don't really have "paws" and that Olive may not have been a reindeer and that the 3 Kings may not have been wee, much less that the bells may not have been attached to Bob's tail....

   You may well conclude that some of the answers are kind of "Cheesy" but that is part of the fun too. You can tell your guests it’s because they came from Wisconsin.



   (We wish you a Merry Christmas)

     John and Sandy Griffin


  If you click this link you should be able to open a word document with all of our puzzles already formatted for you.  Your computer may require you to save it first, and then open it.
(It may take a few seconds to download, if it asks for a network password just X it)

  If for some reason that link didn't work or you didn't care to download it, you can come back here and copy and paste them yourself...but if it does work and it will for most of you, you will have just what you wanted...


    If you do decide to use the copy and paste method, you may want to 
change the margins, fonts and spacing to your preference.


Songs of Christmas Quiz 1 Answers

If you give folks a chance they will often start singing the carols when its answer time...

  1.  Where do you hear Silver Bells? "And on every street corner you hear",    Silver Bells…
Who danced with the silk hat on his head?     Frosty of course
  Where do you find Reindeer Paws? Up on a housetop Reindeer Paws…
What did the noisy cattle do to wake the poor baby?   The cattle were Lowing    
When did I see three ships?   Sing it with me, I saw three ships come sailing  
        in  on Christmas day in the morning.
What size were the Kings of the Orient?   Well sing the first lines for the answer
They were tiny little Kings, they were wee…
  What helps to make the season bright?  
      Everybody knows  some turkey and some Mistletoe, help…..
Who wants a pair of hop-a-long boots, and a pistol that shoots?
     That’s the hope of Barney and Ben
     cause it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…
Who still wants a hula-hoop? ALVIN!!!  still wants a hula hoop
Who kept time to the drum? Along with the drummer boy
       "The Ox and Lamb kept time" ba rum bum bum bum
Who and what color was the animal that gave the hay to pillow his head 
       I said
the cow all white and red , I gave him my hay to pillow his head. 
       from  "The Friendly Beasts"
12.   The hopes and fears of all the years are met in 
        "Thee" or in the little town of Bethlehem.
What would keep me warm all the way home? But if you really hold me tight, 
all the way home I’ll be warm.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
What does Susie want? Jolly old St Nicholas says "Susie wants a Dolly"
Why does the child want his two front teeth? 
        So he can wish you Merry Christmas or (whistle?)
What was the other reindeers name?
       (she used to laugh and call him names) "Olive the other reindeer"
What was the horse in Jingle bells named? 
        The bells on Bob-tail rang, so his name was Bob
When will I finally go?      I’ll wish you a merry Christmas,
         but I won’t go until I get some, (or  figgy pudding)
What color is Christmas without you? 
         Elvis said it would be a blue Christmas without you
What is the parson in the meadows name? Frosty says that 
         he is Parson Brown.  When we're walking in a winter wonderland..
Extra Credit
Where does one go a wassailing? 
        Here we go a wassailing amongst the leaves so green.

ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ You noticed of course : Noel




Christmas games quiz 2, Christmas Carol Picture puzzles 
is not our site, I provide it only as a link to what many of 
you are looking for.  


Christmas song quiz 3 answers

1.    S C I C T T -     Santa Claus is Coming To Town
    I S M K S C -     I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
   J B -                  Jingle Bells
  I D O A W C -    I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas
    R T R N R -        Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer
   C R O A O F -     Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
    D Y H W I H ? -  Do You Hear What I Hear?
  A I A M -            Away In a Manger
   F T S -                Frosty the Snowman
   O C A Y F -         O come all ye faithful
11.  I C U A M C -      
It came upon a midnight clear    
12.  O L T O B -         
O little town of Bethlehem      
13.  J T T W -             
Joy to the world
14.  SN                       Silent Night
15.  LIS                      Let it snow
16.  WCIT                  What Child is this?
17.  TTDOC                The twelve days of Christmas
18.  GRYMG               God rest ye merry gentlemen
19.  HTHAS                Hark the herald angels sing
20.  WWYAMC            We wish you a Merry Christmas



Christmas Challenge 1998 Puzzle Hodge-Podge Answer Sheet
These Lines are from which Christmas movies or shows?

1. "Bumbles Bounce!" __Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer( animated)

2. "When a bell rings an angel gets its wings". _It’s a Wonderful Life_

3. "You'll shoot your eye out kid". The Christmas Story_

4. "I forged these chains during my life" __A_ Christmas Carol_

5. "They're not twinkling Clark" National Lampoons Christmas Vacation


Fill the sentence with Christmas words,

These are the answers, well maybe not in order but ..

Simply insert them into the blanks until they make sense, well sort of.

1. That's a good hunting dog, look how he ______________ pheasant.

2. Hey he's got his wings, now he can eat ___________________

3. Christmas can get so hectic that like _______________I could climb the walls.

4. Astronaut John Glenn had a foot rash, they called it _______________

5. I forgot to write it down , _________________it in for me. Won’t you?

Mistletoe Yule Log,    Angel Food Candy,    Poinsettia,    Holly and the Ivy



Unscramble these Christmas Carols

1. Lets thin gin Silent Night

2. Jill lens beg Jingle Bells

3. Again wean army Away In a Manger

4. Flee this torn The First Noel

5. Oilcloth jolly sands Jolly Old St. Nicholas

6. Fatter hymns swoon Frosty the Snowman


    5.  There is a 5th puzzle of ours available and for that you had to follow the directions on the previous page  If you didn't read all of the explanation you may do so by clicking this link to get back to it.  Sandy's Christmas Carol Story info.

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I'll be glad to send the 5th puzzle and it's answer back to you.

       I don't mean to tarnish this Christmas spirit with a sales pitch but if you are looking for something for the man who has everything, I guarantee that a package of Bowtie Coil Keepers will please him.  They just very handy items to have in the home workshop, camper or boat.  You can find them on-line here Coil Keeper Sources

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    Of course whether you buy any of these items or not,  Sandy and I have enjoyed sharing these puzzles with you and hope they have added a bit of good clean fun to your Christmas get together. 

    Merry Christmas.

    John and Sandy Griffin


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